About Angel Healthcare

We believe that our team is not just our trained staff and workers. Our team is also our residents, their friends, family and loved ones.

In order to build the most comprehensive and personalised care service, we understand that the ones closest to you hold the keys for your wellbeing. That’s why we do support their experiences with our expertise, and that’s why everything we do is entirely about You.

Angel Healthcare encourages its Home Managers to build personal and open relationships with residents and their loved ones, in order to support each individual’s right to comprehend the full benefits of the care structures we develop with you.

We work hard to help residents achieve the very best quality of life. Care is always client led, catering not just for clients’ needs, but also helping to support their hopes, aspirations and personal standards. We tailor our care services around personal requirements in order to create a safe and structured feeling of home.

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