Care Homes and Independent Living: Health of the Elderly and Physical Activity

In this ever changing era of technological advances and innovative health provisions, where does the traditional residential care home sector fit in? Like other supporting living facilities such as sheltered housing, home care and extra care villages, residential care homes are finding cause to modernise.

With digitalised care planning tools, interfacing technology and virtual social networking for just your average residential service user, care homes really do appear to be at the forefront of their field. However, a recent report suggests that good old fashion domestic chores could in fact be the new way forward.

In a report published earlier this year, the benefits of domestic engagement and physical activity for elderly people within their care setting are said to be paramount. Domestic chores and physical activities that take place within a communal setting are directly related to positive mental health and well-being.

As more and more care home staff use care packages to appropriately risk assess residents, service users are supported side-by-side with carers to carry out chores and domestic duties that have long-loved memories and other associations linked to the activities themselves.

Not only are there stimulation and motivation aspects to having a more inclusive care home service, but the cerebral and physical stimulation can also support and enhance day-to-day concerns such as balance by strengthening muscles, motor capabilities and co-ordination, and therefore minimising potential risk of falls.

Gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, have also become a huge hit within the sector as people with particular physical frailties are given access to a range of physical activities that meet their personal levels of engagement.

At Angel Healthcare our staff are trained and encouraged to support all our residents to keep up those long loved hobbies, those important daily duties and that authentic feeling of home in an environment that is safe, sensitive and supporting. Take a look at our website to find out more.

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