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The name is not insignificant. An "Angel" is defined as a guardian spirit or a very kind person. And this is something - be it a definition or a common value - that we embody and our service works hard to support.

Without this understanding and certain knowledge Angel Healthcare would not be where it is today, a successful, forward moving, person-centred service provider.

We aim to be the best and up hold our motto - "care you can trust".

Jenny-May Miles

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Local Authority care cuts effect “best interests” of elderly residents, says Lib Dem MP

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Quality Assurance for Care Homes: What is it? Why do we need it?

Quality, they say, is the mark of getting something right each and every time – the first time around. And, it is also fair to say, most of us involved in care will agree that using a residential care home service can be a dauting ‘first time’ experience for anyone. Hence the importance of Quality Assurance within any care service… Continue reading

Care Homes and Independent Living: Health of the Elderly and Physical Activity

In this ever changing era of technological advances and innovative health provisions, where does the traditional residential care home sector fit in? Like other supporting living facilities such as sheltered housing, home care and extra care villages, residential care homes are finding cause to modernise.
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